RogueWorx is an amazing company delivering both a quality product and customer service. Everything they produce clearly has a lot of research and design through it, not only that but they've built a fantastic community.

Waldo Fox Kennedy

You lads rock!

Ace Parts

Ace Prices 
Definately worth buying a beer or 2 if I ever meet them

Chris Martin

Great service, went above and beyond to facilitate a very custom order. quality of the parts is spot on and have not had a single issue running rogueworx gear in any of my KC's.


The service Anthony and Arron provide goes above and beyond any customers expectations and I thank them for making me feel special as a customer. Rogueworx 4 Life!

Steve Simmonds

Dynamite parts for your KC-02 at incredible prices, paired with customer service that is head and shoulders above everyone else. 

Whether it’s a new bolt or piston you need, or a complete custom project you are working on, rogueworx has got you covered.

Garrett Gabehart