When shopping with Rogueworx you get a feeling that you are dealing with expert designers and fabricators from the get go. A smooth, sleek customer journey as well as swift and easy delivery made me feel confident that I was buying from the best of the best.

Nate - 17/05/2024

RogueWorx products are made in small batches, so you have to grab them when they are available - but when you get hold of what you're after, you will see the care in which they have been made, the attention to detail, and the fact that they just work. I have never come across a company that allows so much insight into the production process, and accepts suggestions and constructive critique from the community of folk who buy their products.

Outstanding. Have recommended, and will do again ! Hail Saustrich !

Steve Blacklight

Very good products and amazing customer service. There are videos outlining exactly how to install everything which makes installation a breeze. The genisis kit in particular makes my airsoft gun shoot like a dream. It launches my .48 gram bbs over 60 yards. The upgrades on the website are a must have for any KC-02 owner!

Sami Farra

This website has asked for my experience. My experience is that Rogueworx make the best parts available.

This marque comes with an expectation, and if you’ve got the practical skills to ensure they’re implemented in the manner they’re intended, they’re without peer. There is nothing to compare against Rogueworx; can you compare random subjective nonsense with parts designed by employees of Rolls Royce? No, you cannot.

If you want the best, you’ve just found it

A one word review would be “flawless” but then, what would they have to improve upon

Alasdair McDonald

I'd have given 5/5 stars if they had a little more stock & could get the part/s i needed, but other than that (& I know it may be difficult to get the parts currently) RogueWorx is probably the best engineered custom upgrade parts out there.

I've had to modify other makes of guns, internally & externally to make them work properly, or to get maximum out of what you pay for.
But RogueWorx makes their tolerances fit perfectly, the materials used are the best they can use with affordability in mind, amazing paint jobs, great original parts of the Kc02 that you'll only find at RogueWorx.

Fast delivery too, packed with care.
Great job, really happy.

Sam Barford