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50% lighter trigger pull weight, 50% less trigger movement, much sharper action to achieve a finely-tuned, crisp, light marksman trigger pull.

Correct installation of this trigger kit will result in a trigger pull weight around 2.0 - 2.5lbs, compared to a standard trigger pull weight of 5.0 - 6.0lbs.

This kit also provides a total trigger tip travel around 2mm between fire and reset, compared to a standard trigger pull of around 5mm just to fire, followed by several yards of over-travel.

FANG Trigger: CNC 7075 aluminium, custom anodised and with a satin finish.

JUDGEMENT sear set: CNC machined from S136 tool steel, plasma-nitride hardened and polished finish.

Also includes custom-made in the UK - HARDENED STEEL PIVOT PINS.

Don't miss the pivot pins, they are hidden under the foam pad in the box!

Have no illusions, these parts are better than most REAL trigger parts.


FANG TRIGGER description and installation notes

This is a direct swap for the standard KC-02 trigger, featuring an adjustable grub screw in the back of the trigger to limit over-travel when pulled. This will come pre-set at 4mm tall which is the optimal setting for reliable operation when used with a Judgement Hammer & Sear set. Most of our test guns have the screw set around 4.1 - 4.2mm. One rotation of the adjuster screw is 0.7mm, so please only adjust a quarter turn at a time.

 DISCLAIMER: The Fang trigger is not compatible with full-auto sear kits designed for the standard KC-02 trigger, such as the RGW set, which features a rotating selector lever that replaces the safety. The fixed half-sear in that kit which controls the auto setting does not lock into place fully in the Fang trigger so full auto doesn't work correctly. We have no intention to correct this problem as we do not approve of the use of full-auto kits in the KC-02 due to the massive increase in wear on the mechanism it causes, and terrible performance.

JUDGEMENT SEAR SET description and installation notes

This set is an upgrade for parts #54 and #68 in your KC-02. 

This set is compatible with the standard KC-02 trigger, but the results will not be as good, and operation may be unreliable, requiring more modification by you to the Disconnector (part #71) to achieve a reliable reset and fire, depending on how worn your trigger mech is, as described in the troubleshooting section of our guide video.

Features of the RogueWorx Trigger Upgrade set:

  • Mechanism geometry corrected to a true 90-degree tangential sear with increased leverage on the hammer - dramatically reduces trigger pull weight down to around 2.0lbs, from the standard 4 - 5lbs. Trigger is 50% lighter to pull.
  • Sear contact face reduced to just 0.5mm from standard 1.0mm, dramatically reduces trigger pull length required to fire, to approximately 2mm total travel.
  • Heavier hammer (21g vs 16g stock, 31% increase) results in stronger, more consistent valve strikes for more consistent FPS output, using standard hammer spring. Do not use with MAG 150% hammer spring.
  • Hammer and sear made from plasma-nitride hardened stainless tool steel with a mirror polish, for a very smooth, sharp trigger feel and excellent resistance to wear.

You may need to file the hook of your disconnector to achieve correct trigger operation, as discussed in the installation video at the end.

Trigger sear pin ideal friction video

 This kit is compatible with the Novritsch SSQ-22. Some additional tuning may be required due to manufacturing differences, but the basic design layout is the same as the KC-02.

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