Coming Soon - APOLLO V4 KC-02 NPAS valve

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Coming August 2024, after Beta testing is complete.

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We are pleased to announce the first NPAS (Negative Pressure Air System) valve developed specifically for the KC-02 platform.

The V4 Apollo valve follows on from everything we learnt from the V2 version in 2021, so we are happy to be reviving this design with new functionality. It will work with standard KC-02 nozzle and the Genesis metal nozzles, and all other versions of the KC-02.

If you don't know what an NPAS valve is, it is a method of power control for gas blowback rifles. It replaces parts #39 rocket valve and #40 spring in the KC-02, inside the nozzle. An NPAS adjusts the timing of how much gas released from the mag is split between sending the BB down the barrel and then activating the blowback to cycle the bolt assembly for the next shot.

Adjusting the length of the Apollo valve using a small flat-blade screwdriver through the nozzle opening will allow you to turn the FPS output of your KC-02 up and down with full range of adjustment. Longer valve = less power.

The Apollo V4 is made of purple-anodised CNC-machined 7075 aluminium for the body and 316 stainless steel for the base screw. Extremely high-grade materials for an airsoft component.

It features 2 locking O-rings on the adjustment screw thread to prevent self-adjustment in use. The screw thread is oversized to give it as much strength as possible to prevent the screw bending when stressed.

The Apollo V4 has a sealing O-ring on the outside of the valve which is very important for providing a gas seal during the blowback cycle of the gun, to ensure good snappy recoil and high gas efficiency is achieved.

The Apollo V4 also includes the rocket valve spring which goes in front of the valve, springs we have had custom-made by a UK supplier to our specifications.

We hope the Apollo V4 will become the standard method of power control for all semi-automatic KC-02's.

The Apollo can be used at the same time as the Flow Chokes from our Genesis kits if you need a replacement rocket valve, but you won't be able to adjust the NPAS screw as the flow restrictors will block access to the screw. You do not need both. If you have an Apollo valve, then use of flow restrictors is redundant.