Pre-Orders, Problems, Delivery, Shipping and Refunds

How we do things around here

If you've come to this page, it's probably because you've got a problem. I'll say straight off, we are not like Amazon or Evike or any other typical large retail or airsoft shop. We are currently just 2 guys, so when talking to us, remember you are talking to the directors of the company as well as the people dispatching your order as well as the people that designed the parts. There is no supervisor above us, there is no complaints department. We hold ultimate power here. If you are abusive or rude when talking to us, expect a straight answer, or we will just cease communication. In extreme cases, we will BLACKLIST you, meaning any future orders in your name will be rejected. We are professionals, but we are also humans, just doing our best here. 

RogueWorx is primarily a "design and engineering" company, not retail. We do not have a huge warehouse full of parts ready for immediate dispatch. Quite the opposite. All our parts are produced in small batches of 100 - 200 pieces, in 10+ colours and patterns, which means we often have LESS THAN 10 of any single part in a particular colour. Things go out of stock very often, and will often stay out of stock for a couple months if we are busy funding other parts. So grab what you want when you see it in stock as it may not be there tomorrow!

Almost everything we sell is designed and manufactured by us. There are very few things we sell which are not manufactured by RogueWorx. As such, we know EVERYTHING about our parts. Do not try to convince us our parts are faulty. We manually inspect every single piece. We've had less than 10 faulty parts sold since 2016. 99.99% of problems are due to USER ERROR. 


If your order conatins a PRE-ORDER item, then your whole order will not ship until all the products are ready. If you want items to ship seperately, you have to place multiple seperate orders and tell us you want them kept separate, as we often tidy up our order queue by combining orders to save you shipping costs.


Shipping cost is based on weight and we only use tracked/signed services with sufficient insurance coverage for the value of the order.

Flat rate express courier options are also available. These are manually processed outside of our automated website systems, price is not based on weight, hence the high cost.

We usually dispatch orders twice a week depending on volume of orders. If we have very few orders incoming, this may only be once a week.

This means that even if the delivery service (for example, Royal Mail 1st Class) says "next working day", this only reflects how long the package will take to arrive once it has been dispatched by us. Choosing an express courier option does not mean your order will be processed the same day. This is a part-time business, we have main careers and families that come before airsoft parts.

Our standard international shipping takes approximately 2 weeks, but can be as long as a month, given the COVID-19 situation. Canada is the slowest country in our experience, they hold packages in customs for up to a month. 

All of our delivery services that use Royal Mail and national postage services have no control of the parcels after they have been dispatched. We cannot re-direct your order because you entered the address wrong after it has been dispatched.

Lost Orders

In the event your order is undelivered, it will be returned to us by the "Return To Sender" function which usually takes a few weeks, whereupon we can send the parcel again to a new address if necessary. We may charge you for the re-delivery.

In the event your order is lost, after sufficient time has elapsed (typically 4 weeks for international orders), we will submit a Royal Mail "Lost Item" claim which will either find the parcel or payout an insurance cheque to us, whereupon we will refund your order.

We do not replace lost orders "like-for-like" as our inventory of parts is often so limited that we cannot guarantee a replacement is available. We will refund your order, not replace.

Faults and Returns

Any part which has been custom-made to a customer's specification, such as custom laser engraving or custom anodising, will not be eligible for a refund unless the part is proven to be faulty.

If a customer wishes to return any non-faulty items for a refund, they must be in an unused, re-saleable state and the customer will pay the return postage. We do not refund "used" condition parts.

If a customer believes a Rogueworx part to be faulty, our primary course of action is to help diagnose and fix the problem with the customer's gun by correspondence over email or preferably Facebook Messenger for speed. Many of our parts require some effort, skill or experience to install, as well as basic hand tools. We have produced many guide videos showing how to deal with certain problems during installation and there is a huge support community available on Facebook and Discord.

We do not refund parts based on user-error or inability of the customer to correctly install them.

Installing our high-performance parts in one section of the gun may just highlight a weakness or fault that already existed in another area of the gun that now needs to be fixed to regain optimal performance.


All of our parts are designed based on compatibility with the standard KJW KC-02 components. We absolutely do not refund parts or accept responsibility for faults caused by incompatibility with other aftermarket parts, such as magazine adaptors. The responsibility lies with the customer to make the necessary adjustments to their chosen components to make them all work together.

By continuing to purchase our parts, you, the customer, agree to all of the above.