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The Master-Precision Rail is a specialist upgrade part for people who want ultimate precision of hop adjustment on their KC-02, for all those times when 1 more click was too much, sending BB's to the moon, and 1 less click was just not enough, dropping short. It provides 4x the hop adjustment resolution of the standard hop system. Not everyone will need this enhanced upgrade as the Genesis kit and Guillotine rail provide extremely good hop-up performance already.

The stiffness of the detent clicks is adjustable by the 2 turret grub screws if you want it looser or stiffer to click, and the hop wheel can also be locked in place by fully winding the screws in. Yes, adjustable tension, lockable hop adjustment turrets. 

The Master-Precision rail also includes all the features and advantages of the Guillotine rail, on which it is based.

The MP rail is CNC-machined from 6061 aluminium, and the MP hop wheel is CNC-machined from 7075 aluminium. They are available in a satin-blasted finish with our full range of anodising colours.

The Master-Precision Rail is compatible with both the standard KC-02 hop unit and the Genesis hop unit. It replaces the top rail and hop wheel on your KC-02 with an enhanced high-precision adjustment system which provides extremely precise hop adjustments at long range. For every 1 click of the previous hop wheels, the MP rail breaks that up into 4 smaller clicks.

  • Standard KC-02 hop wheel - 36 clicks - 20 microns per click.
  • Genesis hop wheel - 45 clicks - 15 microns per click.
  • Master-Precision rail and hop wheel - 100 clicks - 5 microns per click. (0.005mm or 0.197thou)

The MP Rail achieves this incredible level of precision by combining several enhanced design features:

  • An enlarged hop wheel with 100 radial click detents (compared to the 36 axial detents of the standard hop wheel) and much finer thread pitch provides the fine adjustment required for precise control. Also features the new Master Precision logo which will represent all future enhanced upgrades in the Master Precision range. 


  • Enlarged hop wheel housing area allows for wide-diameter hop wheel threads for maximum thread contact to increase durability, smooth operation and minimise unwanted wiggling, and increases strength of the rail at the highest stress point.


  • Double-detent spring-loaded steel ball-bearing radial clickers mounted in raked turrets ensures consistent adjustment feedback throughout the range - no more problems with clicker not engaging the wheel! And provides firm, secure click adjustments. The stiffness of the detent clicks can be adjusted by carefully screwing the turrets grub screws in or out with a 2mm Allen key. You can also lock the hop wheel in place by fully winding the turret screws in. 

NOT NOVRITSCH SSQ-22 Compatible!!

Screw pattern on top of the SSQ-22 and position of the hop screw is different to the KC-02, so our existing rails won't fit. We intend to produce a new Master Precision rail design just for the new Novritsch gun - the SSQ-Precision Rail. This part is a high priority for us.

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