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Shaft Rings - Genesis Hop Wheel Stiffeners

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Is your hop wheel not stiff enough?

Can't get that straight-shooting satisfaction you crave?

Our little blue bag can help!

Containing O-rings in 4 discrete sizes, to suit any loose gap.

Simply place one around the base of your shaft and it will keep you stiff all day!

For realz: Depending on what combination of hop key and hop rubber you are using, your hop wheel may sit too high on your rail to engage with the clicker that is supposed to hold it in place. This is very annoying.

These O-rings are to fill the gap between wheel and rail to make it nice and stiff.

When you have your hop correctly set, have a look at how big you think the gap between your rail and wheel is, then pick an O-ring to suit the gap - 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 or 2.5mm. Unwind and remove your hop wheel, slap on one or more of the O-rings (You can stack them if you really need to) then wind it back in until your hop is set.