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RogueWorx Full-Custom KC-02 Building Service

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RogueWorx does not offer basic tuning, assembly or maintenance services.

However, we do occasionally produce some EXTREMELY high-end KC-02 builds which end up being sold to special customers where price is typically of no concern, at a rate of 1 or 2 builds like this a year. These are completely unique builds with phenomenal performance.

These builds have a typical delivery time of 6 to 12 months and are ONLY AVAILABLE TO UK CUSTOMERS. We can't risk exporting them as they are impossible to replace.

Every custom build is unique. We price and track each build using a Google Sheet cloud spreadsheet that is shared with the customer so they can see progress with collecting parts for the build and the various assembly stages and videos from testing.

Typical price range for consideration is £1500 - £2500, excluding optics and accessories.

The builds take several days just to assemble once we've gathered all the parts, then some weeks more to fully test and tune. Each one will have 500 - 1000 shots through it on a 40m and 80m range to fully bed-in and tune the gun. These builds are not done in a hurry. Customers who lack patience should not apply. We can terminate a build at any point if the customer becomes problematic.

Full payment for these builds is only due when the gun is complete. A 20% deposit is payable to begin the build once the full spec has been agreed on the spreadsheet and in discussions.

Every build will be supplied in a Plano Pillarlock hard case, can be supplied with mags if necessary (CO2 is our preference), and we can also source and zero a suitable scope setup if you like (spending £500 - £1000 on mounts and scopes is normal for these builds to make best use of their long-range accuracy). Real accessories such as bipods and grips can also be sourced. We don't deal with HPA adaptors so if you want to use a Tanuki, Airtac, Tapp or Primary Airsoft HPA adaptor, that's your responsibility.

Aftersales service

These custom builds will be working perfectly when they leave RogueWorx HQ. If the customer opens the gun up and starts changing parts, we are no longer obliged to help them with any problems. Clean the barrel and oil the bolt is all you are expected to do on these "complete" builds. There are very few circumstances where we will be willing to accept one of these builds being returned to us, purely because of how much work will have gone into tuning them before they leave us. "It's not shooting quite right" is not acceptable grounds for returning a custom built gun. You will be required to pay the return shipping, and additional time spent on the guns will be chargeable at £50/hour labour rate. We encourage the customer to solve problems themselves using the wealth of information available on our website, youtube and the FAQ. Again, they will be working perfectly when they left us.

If you are interested in discussing a Full-Custom KC-02 build with us, please send an email to with an outline of what you imagine for your build requirements.

The prices shown on this product listing are just for indication only, please do not buy from this page.

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