KC-02 Multi-Barrel System - Straight Fluted Outer Barrel

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NOT NOVRITSCH SSQ-22 Compatible!!

The hop system and barrel attachment design of the SSQ-22 is different to the KC-02 standard. We intend to produce a new version of our MB-Receiver end which will make our exotic outer barrels compatible with the Novritsch gun - the MB-Nov Receiver End. This part is a high priority for us.



All colours and patterns are blasted for a satin finish.

A brass PROJNUT is considered an essential part for easy assembly of this barrel kit to avoid twisting your hop rubber.



LACQUERED INNER BARRELS WARNING: Some brands of inner barrel such as Edgi and PDI apply a thick clear lacquer coat to the outside of their inner barrels to keep them "shiny" which will probably need to be sanded off at the muzzle end to allow them to fit into the steel muzzle thread adaptor used in the Multi-Barrels. It is your responsibility to check your inner barrel fits through the steel end BEFORE you try to assemble the barrel. Failure to do so may damage other parts of your gun such as the hop rubber. 

The KC-02 Multi-Barrel System is a 4-piece CNC aluminium and steel outer barrel kit which also includes 3 (380mm option) or 4 (510mm option) new skinny Delrin barrel spacers which are specific to this barrel kit.

The MB kit is available in 3 different styles and 2 different lengths.

The 380mm version is the same length as a normal KC-02 barrel at 15”, while the 510mm version is 20” long. The pictures all show the 510mm version.

All 3 styles of the Multi-Barrel have the same outer diameter as the standard KC-02 outer barrel (0.920” Bull Barrel) so they will still fit in the same stocks and chassis' as a KC-02, like a Ruger 10/22.

One MB barrel is made of 3 sections which screw together counterclockwise, plus a thread cap (included) or your own muzzle brake or suppressor. The sections can be interchanged if you want to swap length, colour or style at any time, hence the Multi-Barrel name. We may make the individual parts available after the first batch, depending on popularity.


The component parts are:

  • MB Receiver End – 6061 CNC aluminium.

Provides the barrel-clamp hook for the V-block interface with the receiver, provides 2 x M4 screw mounting points for the top rail such as the Guillotine or Master-Precision Rail from RogueWorx (also fits half the standard plastic rail *spits*). Features speed-groove designs which mirror the G-rail design. Includes an integrated barrel stabiliser O-ring at the output of the hop unit.

  • MB Spiral/Diamond/Straight 510/380 Mid barrel section – 6061 CNC aluminium.

This is the main body section of the barrel, available in 3 styles – Traditional Straight Fluting, Elegant Spiralled-Octagon profile, or the Exotic Diamond Fluting pattern. Each style is available in 2 sizes to suit a nominal 380mm (353 – 386mm) or 510mm (483 – 516mm) inner barrel. Longer inner barrel sizes can be used if a suppressor or muzzle device is used to shroud the exposed inner barrel, though we do not recommend more than 50mm of unsupported barrel tip as it may affect accuracy.

  • MB 14mm Adaptor End – 316 Stainless Steel.

This steel 14mm CCW thread adaptor provides 15mm length of threads to attach suppressors, muzzle brakes and flash hiders (such as the Morse and Twister). There is no collar at the bottom of the threads which means suppressors will screw on flush against the outer barrel with no gaps for maximum support and the most seamless look. This adaptor has flats and keyholes so it can be unscrewed from the barrel using a 12mm spanner, adjustable wrench, pliers, teeth, lens wrench or other similar tools. This part is not anodised and has an inner diameter of 8.6mm.

  • MB Thread Cap – 6061 CNC aluminium.

This simple part covers the steel threads on the barrel if you don’t want to fit a muzzle device to your KC-02. It features the CNC-engraved ROGUEWORX logo, and some knurling at the tip for quick and easy fitting.

An assembled Multi-Barrel weighs approximately 300g (10.5oz) when "empty", and approximately 450g (15.8oz) "all-up" when fitted with hop unit, projnut, inner barrel, barrel spacers and muzzle brake.