Abbey LT2 Moly Grease - 50ml pot

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This is a thick grease for use on slow-moving or single-action metal-on-metal components. Roughly the same consistency as hair gel, it won't drip but will flow easily when squished.

It contains nano particles of Molybdenum Disulphide, aka Teflon, so is extremely good at reducing friction.

We probably use this grease the most as gas blowback guns are mainly mechanical, metal mechanisms with a single gas-operated piston, so there are a lot of small metal components to keep lubricated.

In the KC-02 (or G5), this grease should be used to lubricate all the trigger mechanism components by applying lightly to all contact and sliding faces, especially the pivot pins, disconnector and hammer spring guide rod.

It should also be used to lightly lubricate the OUTSIDE of the metal nozzle/cylinder where it slides forward and back in the bolt carrier.

You can also use this to lube the pivot end of the bolt stop, not the wedge end where it meets the bolt.

Use sparingly, a thin film is all that's needed in most cases as it's very sticky stuff, will persist for a very long time. I usually apply it with my pinky finger, or a pokey tool to get it into tight spots like the slot in the back of the hammer where the guide rod goes. A trigger mech that is properly lubricated with this grease will not need lubing again for YEARS unless you accidentally get it full of dust or some other reason that requires a strip down clean.

A single 50ml pot will last you a very long time. I'm only on my 4th pot and I've been using it since 2014.

Warning: this black gooey stuff gets everywhere if you're not careful, and will stain clothing. Have kitchen towel ready to wipe your hands and tools immediately after use.