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Spare Genesis Hop Keys

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A spare set of hop keys to suit any of our Genesis KC-02 hop units. 

The Golden Arch hop key should be used for hop rubbers that have a concave or curved contact patch so it applies equal pressure across the whole rubber, though if this results in hop that is too sensitive (1 click is too much, 1 click back drops short), or suffers from a consistent left or right bias, you should switch to the Flat Purple hop key which will only apply pressure in the centre of the concave patch.

The Flat Purple hop key should be used for hop rubbers that have a traditional "bar" contact area that goes straight across the hop window, this will apply pressure in the centre first, though if you are getting a lot of flyers left and right, you can try the Blue Bridge hop key which presses the edges at the same time as the centre.

The Blue Bridge hop key applies pressure in the centre and at the edges of the rubber, without as much contact as the Golden Arch key, so is a good middle-ground between the arch and flat keys.

Please note that the hop keys in this batch have not been anodised due to manufacturing difficulties and time constraints. They are instead painted with an acid etch primer and touch acrylic paint. So please avoid contact with strong solvents that may remove the paint.