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KC-02 Nozzle Return Spring 142% - part #42

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New, improved design, more durable material, precision wire-formed production, updated strength specification for more efficient operation.

We see this part snapping due to wear occasionally, but more often we see them getting over-stretched and bent by users due to incorrect assembly/disassembly of their guns, so we decided to make some aftermarket replacements available.

New version provides a pull strength of 210g (140%) for a 50mm extension, compared to 150g pull strength of standard spring.

50mm is the maximum stretch on the spring when the KC-02 nozzle is fully extended in the bolt carrier. 

Previous design was too strong, around 375g (227%) which was bad for gas consumption.

This new design also uses a thicker stainless steel wire to increase durability, while diameter was increased to balance the increase in strength from the thicker wire.

This part is compatible with Novritsch SSQ-22