Lufa wewnętrzna Maple Leaf GBB CrazyJet

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GBB-type barrel, for use with VSR hop rubbers and the Genesis VSR conversion kit when installed in a KC-02. Not compatible with the standard KC-02 barrel and hop unit.

We've been using the Maple Leaf CrazyJet barrels as our benchmark inner barrel since 2018 when we began developing the Genesis kits.

We know there are certainly higher-quality barrels out there, but they can often be hard to obtain, and be ridiculously expensive!

We also have no illusions about the effectiveness of the "Crazy Jet" sleeved tip on these barrels, we're pretty sure it's just a gimmick, but we also have no evidence to say it hurts your accuracy either! Do your own research on that.

All except 1 of our 6 test platform guns are fitted with Crazy Jet barrels, including the High-Five underlever guns we built for the range test video where we proved we could repeatedly achieve 70m headshots, and accuracy out to 50 - 60m was just a breeze. Arron's personal KC-02 in the laminated Boyds stock has also been using a Crazy Jet barrel for many years.

So if you're putting together your 1st KC-02 or your 10th custom build, you will 100% get excellent results with a Crazy Jet barrel and a Flamingo hop rubber. That combo has been our "industry standard" for more than 4 years at this point, and we haven't yet found any combo that is significantly better in performance, and certainly not for the price!

370mm is the length you'll need for any KC-02 once you've removed the standard 250mm brass barrel, "football" coupler and extension straw.

As well as needing a Genesis kit, we highly recommend using this barrel with a Projnut for perfect hop alignment, and 2 - 4 barrel spacers for stability.

These are 6.04mm diameter, nickel-plated brass barrels.