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RW KC-02 CNC V3 Piston

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V3 pistons now available! 

This is the #1 upgrade for your KC-02. The piston should be the very first thing you change before anything else if you are trying to work to a budget.

Precision CNC machined from 6061 aluminium.

Massively improve FPS output and consistency of your KC-02 over the standard piston!

RW piston design evolves beyond the original V1 KF design, featuring much less friction fitting between O-rings and cylinder, double O-ring, double-ported and much tougher crown design!

New V3 features slightly adjusted body and crown design for a tighter fit, and 2 new O-rings fitted to the tail of the piston to improve fit and reduce potential gas leaks. PTFE tape is no longer required on the tail of the piston. 

To prevent O-ring ejection, correct lubrication is critical: The inside of your nozzle cylinder should be thinly lubricated with a small amount of thick silicone grease, applied evenly with your pinky finger. The piston itself does not require any lube if the cylinder is greased with a sheen of grease. Thin oils are not sufficient, they are easily displaced by high-pressure gas discharge, causing dry spots that will drag the O-rings off your piston. 

O-ring size is 10.5mm inner diameter, by 1.5mm cross-section diameter. Material is nitrile 70 rubber. Spares are available on the store.

RW pistons include the 8mm tail pin that holds the nozzle spring in the back of the piston. 

Assembly video here.

In the time before time, there was no RogueWorx. There was only RA-Tech barrels, the FE70 bucking and there was a guy called Kevin Forney, who hand-made ported pistons in his spare time. For several years, this was all we had, all we needed. But times change.

The popularity of the KC-02 grew, and Kevin couldn't keep up with demand, so he struck a deal with RogueWorx to get his piston design mass-produced under license. And that was how it was for several more years.

Now, about 1000 pistons later, the KF design is showing its age, so it's time for the RWKF Piston V1 design to be retired, and the RW piston design to step forward.

The KF piston worked brilliantly, but it wasn't perfect; it was fragile, with several people breaking the crowns off them over the years. The extremely tight fit of the O-ring meant it had to be frequently lubricated with thick silicone grease to prevent it jamming, and friction was a constant concern. The design of its tail was also very loose if not packed out with PTFE tape.

The RW V3 piston solves all of these problems:

  • Double O-ring. Instead of 1 large tight-fitting O-ring, the V3 piston uses 2 smaller O-rings which have been precisely spec'd to be exactly the same diameter as the cylinder it fits into. This massively reduces the amount of friction on the nozzle movement during blowback, while still maintaining an excellent seal thanks to using 2 O-rings instead of 1. This reduces the dependency on heavy lubrication of the piston, and allows lubricant to get held between the 2 rings instead of escaping the cylinder.
  • Double-Ported. The V3 piston features both traditional front-face ports and internal ports that connect together behind both O-rings to still provide some of that tried-and-tested O-ring pressure sealing that was the defining feature of the V1 KF piston and many other ported airsoft pistons.
  • Built like a tank! The re-design of the front face and O-ring grooves means that all weak points have been removed from the design. We will not be seeing any more bent or broken piston crowns during assembly or after extended use. The V3 is tough as nails!
  • Re-worked Tail Design. A carefully radiused re-design of the tail notch on the piston provides a much more secure fit into the bolt carrier with significantly reduced forward-backward axial movement. The latest V3 design also features 2 additional tail O-rings that help seal and seat the piston securely.
  • Radical New Look. We could pretend that the beautiful spiral grooves cut into the V3 piston are for weight-saving, but really they are just to look amazing! The V3 design actually comes out weighing almost exactly the same as the V1 (around 10g/0.35oz). The spiral grooves just make it obvious you've got a RW piston without the need for additional laser engraving.

This first batch of V3 pistons are all a light blue colour, close to turquoise, called Acid Blue. 

This product is compatible with the Novritsch SSQ-22.

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