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V-block 304 Stainless Outer Barrel Clamp

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Re-stock due Summer 2024.


Our first parts proudly made on our new £100k Haas CNC machine here in the UK.

Replaces part #025 on the KC-02 - the V-block clamp that pulls the outer barrel tight to the receiver.

Made of 304 stainless steel for indestructible strength, and looks amazing with our marking.

Same width as a real 10/22 barrel clamp at 22mm, so will not require filing like the standard KJW part to fit into aftermarket stocks.

Wider bolt holes and a large radiused V-groove allow the clamp bolts to move slightly off-centre as you tighten the clamp. This prevents the clamp tilting and trying to pull your barrel off centre as it tightens by letting the clamp slide to apply balanced clamping force. Keeps your outer barrel straighter than the standard clamp, and won't break in half like the chinesium standard part can do.

Obviously, not a hugely impressive upgrade, but as the first machined part we've designed and made ourselves, this represents a landmark moment for RogueWorx!

Also, it looks shiny and cool af when you take your receiver out of your stock. Who doesn't want more RW bling?

These will be regularly re-stocked as we can make small batches of them ourselves whenever we like as we don't need to wait to order hundreds at a time from our usual factory.

These are not Novritsch SSQ-22 comaptible. That gun uses a different method of barrel attachment.

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