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We noticed there weren't many flash hiders out there that specifically suited the KC-02 barrel so we decided to make our own and make it different to anything else out there!

The TWISTER is standard 14mm CCW thread but has the threads recessed to specifically fit over the thread adaptor on the end of the standard KC-02 outer barrel so there is no gap between barrel and muzzle. The Twister is also exactly the same diameter as the outer barrel so it flows perfectly.

The 14mm CCW threads will fit on other guns with those threads but the recessed threads may cause issues.

CNC machined from 6061 aluminium.

The spiral profile looks awesome and the angled front vent holes ensure all gas from the barrel dissipates evenly.

 Anodised Twisters will be lasered with the RogueWorx text logo as a collar around the part. We won't be offering custom lasering for this part unless it's for a special reason as configuring the rotary laser engraver takes a long time.

BLANK un-anodised, un-lasered Twisters are also available for a reduced price.

60mm long x 23.4mm diameter to match the outer diameter of the barrel.