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"The Carbon Hogue" FULL CUSTOM Underlever KC-02 Sniper build

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This was a made-to-order custom build, it is not a normally stocked item. It will not be coming back into stock.

Please use your imagination when looking at our custom builds page, stop asking for copies of this build. The possibilities are endless.

We require a 20% deposit to start gathering parts for custom builds. 

Build time is 9 - 12 months. 

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This build has been one of our highest-level KC-02 builds ever. 

It took a year for us to manufacture and gather all the parts required to assemble this ultra-lightweight, high-performance rifle. 

Thousands of rounds of testing on 40m and 80m ranges with scopecam video evidence of performance and bedding-in.

The goals of this build were simple: an underlever build, made as light as possible, not too long, but with no compromise to long-range accuracy, able to reliably land hits at 80m.

With the Hogue Overmold stock and custom-made 430mm integrally-suppressed carbon-fibre PPT barrel, we certainly achieved the "lightweight" goal - at just 1.8kg (4lbs), this is easily the lightest KC-02 we've ever put together.

For the ultra long-range accuracy, the combination of a made-to-order stainless steel 380mm EdGi barrel with a Flamingo hop rubber, controlled by our very latest Master Precision hop system provides absolutely phenomenal performance for a gun this size.

Shooting with 0.45g ammo on CO2 mags, this gun provides a very consistent 328 - 330fps, just below the 2.3j sniper limit for the UK.

We have literally thrown everything we've got at this build:

  • KJW KC-02 base gun. Receiver rear tang professionally removed, all screw holes fitted with V-Coil steel thread inserts for strength, receiver resprayed with Hammerite satin black, 3 coats.
  • Stock: Hogue Overmold rubberised rifle carbine stock (imported from USA, modified to fit KC-02)
  • Outer barrel: Custom-made PPT (Project Precision Turning) 430mm carbon-fibre with gun-metal grey anodised aluminium fittings, 14mm CCW threaded end cap, with internal spacers positioned to support a 380mm inner barrel with last 2 inches filled with foam for integral suppression of muzzle noise.
  • Inner barrel: custom-made EdGi 380mm stainless steel lapped 6.03mm VSR inner barrel.
  • Hop rubber: Flamingo 50deg, bedded in with over 1000 shots, perfectly aligned with inner barrel and hop unit.
  • Trigger mechanism: Gun-metal Grey Fang trigger, Judgement hardened steel hammer and sears, Wiitech steel striker, -1 SSB Hammer spring, polish job on all trigger parts. Assembly and tuning of the trigger mech alone took 3 evenings.
  • Hop system: Latest V5 gold Genesis hop unit with a Gun-metal Grey Master-Precision 5-micron rail for adjustment, fitted with the flat purple Genesis hop key.
  • Bolt Carrier: Gun-Metal Grey SSB (Solid-State Bolt).
  • 2nd Bolt Carrier: for use in semi-auto mode, the package also includes a Gun-Metal Grey RW V14 bolt carrier, fitted with a V2 gold RW piston, RA-Tech NPAS valve and gold V6 KC-VSR nozzle.
  • Underlever charging handle: Made-to-order Gun-Metal Grey HOM underlever, made from CNC 7075 anodised aluminium.
  • 2nd charging handle: for use with the semi-auto or SSB bolt carrier, the package also includes a Gun-metal Grey Talon charging handle.
  • Mag release: RW Gun-metal Grey Sickle mag release.
  • Top rail: RW Gun-metal Grey Master Precision rail.
  • Outer barrel clamp: RW stainless 304 steel V-block.
  • Inner barrel clamp: RW brass projnut.
  • Muzzle Brake: RW Gun-metal Grey Morse muzzle brake.
  • RW hardened steel bolt stop.
  • Standard recoil spring.
  • RW nylon buffer pin.
  • Gun case: Plano ProMax Pillarlock 1511 eggshell hard case.
  • Weeks of careful assembly and testing have been poured into this build, you will not find a higher-quality KC-02 build with more attention to detail and performance in this world. The barrel group alone is worth more than £500.
  • This package does not include a scope.
  • This package includes a couple of spare green gas magazines, but no CO2 mags. CO2 magazines are the recommended type for this gun, 6 of them is enough for a game day.
  • All the spares and most of the original bits that came off the gun will accompany this sale in a "spares" box, accessory parts such as springs, flow chokes, restrictor screws, the original plastic stock, etc.

Testing Video 1 (60deg Flamingo)

Testing Video 2 (50deg Flamingo)


If you disassemble this gun any further than what is required to oil the bolt carrier, we are no longer responsible for it's performance. This includes disassembly of the trigger mechanism and barrel group. ESPECIALLY the barrel group, which have been painstakingly aligned for accuracy.

If you change any of the components which are related to performance and function, such as the barrel and hop rubber and trigger mech components, we are no longer liable for its performamce and function.

If you use this gun with any magazine type other than CO2, we are not responsible for the performance of the gun. This ESPECIALLY applies to HPA-adaptors.