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UNIQUE SERIAL NUMBERS (Batch 4 - #101 to #300 available)


Assembly video here.

We have 200 stainless steel pistons and 50 stainless steel bolts now laser engraved with individual serial numbers and ready to dispatch.

Triple the weight of your bolt assembly! Get that satisfying realistic recoil kick from a super-durable stainless steel bolt and piston set.

Made from 303 and 316 stainless steel, these parts will feature all the design improvements for smoothness and reliability found in the V14 RogueWorx bolt and V2 RW piston designs but now made from a heavyweight material.

These parts will only be available in a bare stainless steel finish, with a laser-engraved unique serial number.

Standard piston weight: 22 grams
Aluminium piston weight: 10 grams
Stainless Steel piston weight: 30 grams

Standard bolt weight: 80 grams
Aluminium bolt weight: 40 grams
Stainless Steel bolt weight: 120 grams

V14 Bolt Carrier details:

It's been almost 5 years since we updated the design of our first product - the mighty bolt carrier! V13 served us without fail since 2017. Many things have changed since then. It's time this veteran part changed too!

The V14 bolt carrier now features:

  • Easy disassembly/re-assembly. No more need for hammering that tough roll pin in and out when you want to take the piston and nozzle out of your bolt carrier. The V14 design now comes with a solid steel ground pin which is held in place by a ball-detent. Simply push the pin out the side using any 3mm tool such as a screwdriver or Allen key to disassemble, then push it back in to reassemble. The ball-detent clicks into place in seconds, no hammering required, making swift adjustments both painless and fast. 
  • Hammer Spur tail kicker. Back in 2016, we shortened the overall length of the bolt carrier in our quest for weight reduction without fully understanding the implications of that change. Obviously, the design was a roaring success as we haven't had a single faulty bolt carrier returned to us out of all ~700 made. But now, 5 years on, we can re-visit that decision with a much deeper understanding of the KC-02, especially the trigger mechanism, which was a scary place for us back then. Now, we understand that the timing of the striker lock release cam on the underside of the bolt carrier is specifically tuned to the length of the bolt carrier so that the hammer is fully reset before the gas supply from the magazine is cut off. In shortening the bolt carrier, we made the mechanism more dependant on the kinetic energy stored in the bolt carrier, which can be unreliable in certain conditions as friction losses play a large part in that area. By restoring the true length of the bolt carrier in the area where it pushes the hammer down, we can ensure the hammer clicks back into the reset position just as the striker lock is reset. TL:DR - the hammer spur should make the V14 bolt carrier cycle more reliably across all gas types and configurations of the KC-02.
  • CNC Engraving. What's better than a laser engraved logo? Well, CNC engraving of course! We're proud to display our name and logo on as many of our parts as possible, and having it permanently CNC engraved at the factory stage just looks super slick. We know some true milsim purists would prefer no visible markings, but you'd be surprised how subtle this new engraving is. It's certainly less visible than the white laser engraving we've previously used.
  • Refreshed design. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, so we've used this opportunity to tidy up some of the problem areas on the bolt carrier design to make the machined finish just the little bit neater, and make things fit together just that little bit better.

Please note the recessed grub screw for the ball detent is sealed into the bolt carrier and should not be adjusted by the user because we dont want you to lose the small screw, spring and ball in there!

There is an assembly video here.


V2 RW Piston details:

In the time before time, there was no RogueWorx. There was only RA-Tech barrels, the FE70 bucking and there was a guy called Kevin Forney, who hand-made ported pistons in his spare time. For several years, this was all we had, all we needed. But times change.

The popularity of the KC-02 grew, and Kevin couldn't keep up with demand, so he struck a deal with RogueWorx to get his piston design mass-produced under license. And that was how it was for several more years.

Now, about 1000 pistons later, the KF design is showing its age, so it's time for the RWKF Piston V1 design to be retired, and the RW V2 piston to step forward.

The KF piston worked brilliantly, but it wasn't perfect; it was fragile, with several people breaking the crowns off them over the years. The extremely tight fit of the O-ring meant it had to be frequently lubricated with thick silicone grease to prevent it jamming, and friction was a constant concern. The design of its tail was also very loose if not packed out with PTFE tape.

The V2 piston solves all of these problems. The RW V2 piston is an all-new design:

  • Double O-ring. Instead of 1 large tight-fitting O-ring, the V2 piston uses 2 smaller O-rings which have been precisely spec'd to be exactly the same diameter as the cylinder it fits into. This massively reduces the amount of friction on the nozzle movement during blowback, while still maintaining an excellent seal thanks to using 2 O-rings instead of 1. This reduces the dependency on heavy lubrication of the piston, and allows lubricant to get trapped between the 2 rings instead of escaping the cylinder.
  • Double-Ported. The V2 piston features both traditional front-face ports and internal ports that connect together behind both both O-rings to still provide some of that tried-and-tested O-ring pressure sealing that was the defining feature of the V1 KF piston and many other ported airsoft pistons.
  • Built like a tank! The re-design of the front face and O-ring grooves means that all weak points have been removed from the design. We will not be seeing any more bent or broken piston crowns during assembly or after extended use. The V2 is tough as nails!
  • Re-worked Tail Design. A carefully radiused re-design of the tail notch on the piston provides a much more secure fit into the bolt carrier with significantly reduced forward-backward axial movement.
  • Radical New Look. We could pretend that the beautiful spiral grooves cut into the V2 piston are for weight-saving, but really they are just too look amazing! The V2 design actually comes out weighing almost exactly the same as the V1 (around 10g/0.35oz). The spiral grooves just make it obvious you've got a RW piston without the need for additional laser engraving.

We still recommend wrapping the tail of the piston in a couple layers of thin PTFE tape, just to seal the return spring pin in place, and stop the piston rattling around at all in the bolt carrier. The gun will still work without PTFE tape, we just recommend it. See this video for reference on what we're talking about.

These are compatible with Novritsch SSQ-22

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