SOLID-STATE BOLT KC-02 Sniper Conversion

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KIT FOR CONVERTING THE KC-02 INTO A SINGLE-SHOT GAS RIFLE THAT REQUIRES RACKING BETWEEN EACH SHOT, ALLOWING USE AS A SNIPER RIFLE INSTEAD OF A DMR. JUST BY SWAPPING BOLT CARRIER IN 2 MINUTES. (Initial conversion also requires swapping the hammer spring, which works with semi-auto and bolt-action if tuned correctly. You may need to adjust the length of your hammer spring, please read all instructions below).

Installation and Demonstration video

Power Adjustment guide video

CNC machined from 7075 aluminium with new CNC engraving scheme on the side, and custom anodising. This is the cutting edge of KC-02 upgrades from RogueWorx!

Includes 2 upgraded hammer springs designed for use with the SSB, but can also be used for semi auto operation. Length of the spring may need to be trimmed to tune the gas efficiency of the gun, so we include 2 springs so you have a spare!

SSB is compatible with all KC-02 charging handles, though we recommend either a Talon or Morpheus handle from Rogueworx for the best fit and matching colour scheme! Or an Underlever...

For many years, the answer to the question - "Can I convert my KC-02 to a bolt-action sniper rifle?" was "No, buy an M700 if you want a gas sniper rifle."

This was because the process required to convert the KC-02 blowback mechanism to a bolt-action was complicated and difficult to achieve, requiring removal of key components, careful tuning and irreversible modification to other parts, which achieved an unreliable operation at best.

Until now.

Rogueworx has once again changed the game with this latest product release, simplifying all the complicated aspects of the conversion down to just swapping the bolt carrier and hammer spring. Our custom hammer spring even retains the semi-auto functionality once it's installed, meaning you can change between bolt-action and semi-auto just by swapping your bolt carrier, which takes less than 2 minutes.

After a period of intense experimentation during Covid-19 isolation in October 2020, Arron @ Rogueworx HQ discovered the perfect set of modifications required to achieve reliable bolt-action operation. He used this discovery as a stepping-stone towards his goal of an underlever bolt-action KC-02, something never done before in the airsoft world, which is also now available on our store.

In the process, Arron discovered that several of the existing Rogueworx parts could be merged into a single part - the bolt carrier, piston and air nozzle could all be combined to form a sniper bolt with no moving parts. So the Solid-State Bolt was born.

Because blowback is disabled, this makes the KC-02 extremely quiet and increases gas efficiency.

Power is adjustable using the power screw on top of the SSB. You have to remove the small 4mm locking screw from the bolt before you can adjust the power screw UNDERNEATH IT. Watch the guide video!!

Power is adjustable from approximately 0.7J all the way up to 4J - 5J, depending on gas, barrel length and ammo weight. The SSB comes with a 4mm locking screw, and 6mm and 8mm power adjustment screws. Start by installing the 8mm screw, wind it all the way down until it stops, then open it just 1 turn. Now lock it in place by screwing the 4mm grub screw down on top of it. Test your power level at this 1-turn setting. If you need more power, you first remove the 4mm lock screw, then adjust the power screw open by 1 more turn. Lock it with the 4mm and test again, Repeat this process until you reach the power level you want. If you find the 4mm locking grub begins to stick up out of the bolt, then you must swap the 8mm power screw for the 6mm power screw so the 4mm lock grub doesn't protrude as this will prevent the gun working correctly.

Be sure to watch the video linked above! It has translation subtitles!

Hammer Spring Adjustment

The new custom hammer spring design was tuned with the Rogueworx Judgement hammer and sear set installed, using CO2 gas and a 510mm inner barrel, as the most powerful configuration. You will probably need to adjust the length of your hammer spring to suit your gun. You can use a Dremel cutting disc or strong wire cutters.

If your gun makes a "farting" sound when firing, or "chatters" full auto briefly, then your hammer spring is applying slightly too much pressure when fired, the gun is releasing too much gas and you will have poor gas efficiency (1 - 2 mags per CO2 bulb).

You will need to remove 1 coil at a time from the small end of the spring until you get a single solid shot noise when shooting. Most customers will need to remove 1 - 2 coils from their spring to get optimal gas efficiency (3 - 4 mags per CO2 bulb).

If your gun fails to fire, just clicks, or fires extremely low-power "dud" shots, you can make the spring stronger by adding tiny spacers in front of the spring on the guide rod using any sort of stiff 6mm OD tubing. We used copper brake pipe in our testing as it's very easy to cut to small lengths of 1 - 4mm, though small M3 washers would also be fine.

More about tuning the power of your SSB hammer spring discussed here:

We may be able to fine-tune the length of the hammer spring design once this modification kit has had more use by the community, so we have more research data than just our 7 test guns so far.