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Artwork credit to the Right-Honourable Dinky of @k.t.e.artworks

In the beginning, there was a plate of caramelised onion pork sausages. It could have only heralded the start of a celebration, known as the Sausage_Party. In the crucible of pork, a meme was born. The mighty Saustrich was brought to light, and everyone knew, that this creature, this marriage of ostrich and sausage encapsulated the spirit of Sausage party. But alas, it wasn't to last, as akin to a candle that burns too bright, the Sausage_Party was spent. But from the ashes of the overcooked badger meat and sintered mullen, arose a symbol of our times, crafted by numbers and moulded by the Dinky, The Saustrich, perfected, reigns supreme. Like a beacon in the night, all who gaze upon it are shaken into submission! All whom wear this patch show fealty to the mighty beast. HAIL SAUSTRICH!!!

A sausage comprised of a whole ground up ostrich. Usually encased in its own intestines.
"mmmmm that was good saustrich".
Original Saustrich vector drawn by 0235 "Numbers" Richard Cockbill of the KC-02 Discord community.