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MORPHEUS Customisable Charging Handle Base

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This item is just the base of the charging handle, you need to also purchase an end piece for it here or print your own using the specs below!

Combine your own custom charging handle design with an SSB for the ultimate custom KC-02 sniper conversion?

Customise your own KC-02 charging handle using this precision-machined universal base to ensure compatibility with all our products, and maintain the strength of this critical part!

Custom handle ends here!

The square end section is 6mm x 6mm, and 10mm long, with an M4 threaded hole to 15mm depth. We recommend using a 6.1mm x 6.1mm square for any handle ends you design, to ensure they fit on the base. You can use the full 10mm length without it contacting the receiver.

It also fits any 1/4" tool socket, such as the elusive 10mm!

The base will be produced in 6061 anodised aluminium, available in our usual range of colours.

The handle comes with a 12mm black M4 hex screw, so use a 4.5mm hole through your handle ends to clear the threads of the screw. The head of the hex screw is 7mm in diameter and 4mm deep, if you want to recess the screw in your design.

3D-print or fabricate your own style of charging handle any way you like! Most-creative idea wins! Get started in Tinkercad online, for free, today! Tinkercad

Then get your idea produced in a huge variety of exotic materials with Shapeways! Share your designs with the community, maybe you'll become the new COMMUNITY FAVOURITE?

NOT NOVRITSCH SSQ-22 Compatible on its own!!

A small difference in the depth of the charging handle slot on the bolt carrier of the SSQ-22 means our charging handles won't sit flat on the Novritsch bolt carrier, but they will fit perfectly if you swap to any of our RogueWorx bolt carriers at the same time, such as the V14 or Heavyweight.