Guillotine Extended Single-Piece CNC Rail

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Single-piece extended 6061 CNC aluminium scope rail, anodised in full range of colours and patterns, satin finish.

Integrated Glock iron sight mounts, and includes an upgraded "biro mod" hop clicker.

In association with Guillotine Heavy Industries, RogueWorx is proud to bring you the Guillotine Rail for the KC-02.

A single-piece CNC 6061 aluminium Picatinny rail, manufactured to STANAG 4694 standard, to fit on the KC-02 receiver and the first 2 screws of the standard KC-02 outer barrel.

Includes Tungsten-Carbide tipped biro mod for the hop wheel clicker (part #21)! And now includes the spring (part #22) for the hop clicker!

This single-piece solid metal design of the Guillotine rail eliminates a huge amount of barrel flex that was caused by KJW using a plastic 2-piece design on the standard gun. This means a stronger gun with a rigid barrel-to-receiver connection, perfect alignment, more consistent shots.

The Guillotine rail is fully extended to match the rear profile of the receiver, providing 5 inches of rail space behind the hop wheel (almost 2 inches more than any other rail for the KC-02). This allows optics to be mounted securely closer to the eye without the need for extra rail extensions or expensive cantilever mounts to achieve correct eye relief. The rail also features 2 inches of rail space in front of the hop wheel before the aggressive front taper of the rail sweeps down.

Another surprising feature of the Guillotine rail is that it includes the rear dovetail grooves and front mounting hole to fit REAL GLOCK IRON SIGHTS directly to the rail, which is fantastic news for anyone looking to add some quality back-up iron-sights to their rifle, or run a minimalist loadout. We recommend suppressor-height Glock iron sights if you also have a Genesis hop wheel so the sight picture isn't obstructed by the wheel, such as these sights on Brownells. If you would like to 3D print your own iron sights, scroll down.

Be careful not to over-tighten the 3 screws in the top of your receiver when installing the Guillotine Rail! It is very easy to strip those threads!

Ensure you fit the 3 shorter 6mm screws into the receiver, and the 2 longer 8mm screws into the barrel holes, else your gun will not function. It is easy to get them mixed up.

We HIGHLY recommend using a steel thread insert kit to upgrade the screw threads in your receiver and barrel so you can properly tighten the screws without stripping the threads. Use an "M4 x 1D" kit such as this which contains all the special tools you need except a tap holder.

The Guillotine Rail is designed to fit on the 2 rear screws of the standard KC-02 barrel. If you have a 510mm RA-Tech barrel, they have a different screw pattern where only one of the screws lines up with the standard rail pattern. You will have to drill and tap an additional M4 screw hole if you want to get the full benefit of the strength of the Guillotine rail, as shown below by the green dot:

If you would like to 3D print your own iron sights, we've made these template models available for the front and rear sight slots on the rail so you can model to fit them:

Front sight slot link

Rear sight slot link

Here's a set of sights that community-member Blacklight designed for us:

Blacklight Sights


George Alexander also designed a set of sights for the G-Rail that accept 2mm x approx. 23mm fibre optic rods - George Alexander sights

NOT NOVRITSCH SSQ-22 Compatible!!

Screw pattern on top of the SSQ-22 and position of the hop screw is different to the KC-02, so our existing rails won't fit.

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