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G5 Zenith kit - Beta Testing programme

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This kit is only for purchase by the 10 specially-selected beta testers that know what this is about from our Discord server.

After a year and a half of development, RogueWorx is proud to say the Zenith kit is ready to begin its beta-testing stage. This represents the start of a new chapter in RogueWorx history!

The purpose of the Zenith kit is to prevent the cracking of the plastic lower receiver of the GHK G5, a problem which has plagued the gun from the start.

It achieves this by installing a complex internal-external skeleton that both absorbs and distributes the shock of the bolt carrier impact more effectively throughout the body of the gun.

All parts made in the UK, most of them on our own Haas CNC machine!

We'll reveal more details in a video soon!

The beta programme is expected to last 2 - 3 months, after which we hope to start our first production run of these kits, which will bring the G5 up to the baseline standard we would expect of a gun we want to develop more parts for in future.