Flamingo 60A VSR Hop Rubber by Sniper Mechanic

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This product almost needs no introduction. These are fresh stock of the latest generation of Flamingo VSR/GBB hop rubbers, direct from Dan at Sniper Mechanic and Skirmshop. The return of this latest hype in the world of sniper hop rubbers has been awaited for months.

This latest batch is made of a new material, by a new factory with a new design that looks even more refined than the last batch, with elements of the design specifically tailored to suit our Genesis hop unit, as well as all other VSR-type hop units.

We were lucky enough to have a few of the last batch of Flamingos to use during the beta-testing and development stage of our Genesis kit back in 2019, and we were amazed by the beautifully flat trajectory and accuracy of that version of the Flamingo. It even surpassed the performance of the Maple Leaf Autobot and Decepticon hop rubbers during our months of testing.

The previous version of the Flamingo did require a few hundred rounds to bed in before its performance settled down to a consistent level, we do not yet know if that is still the case with this new batch, we'll update this in a few days to let you know, but our level of confidence in Sniper Mechanic's product is such that we just wanted to get them on sale as soon as possible for you guys.

We've tested the fit of this new version in 2 of our current test KC-02 platforms and the fit is PERFECT for the Genesis hop unit, nice and snug with no PTFE tape needed in our opinion.

Please note that this new design hop rubber only fits UNBRIDGED barrel windows, it will not fit barrels with a bridge across the back of the hop window, such as the TNT, though the bridges are easily snipped out and filed down.

This is the 60A hardness level which we feel is most suited to heavy ammo such as 0.36g+. If you plan to use lighter ammo or a lower FPS, it may be better to get the 50A hardness, which are available from Skirmshop at the same price.

This hop rubber should only be used with the Golden Arch concave key that is included with the Genesis kit, not the Flat or Bridge keys.


Maple Leaf Crazy Jets GBB/VSR - Suitable
Maple Leaf 6.02 Series GBB/VSR - Suitable
TNT Barrels Unbridged - Suitable
LayLax Unbridged- Suitable
Action Army Unbridged - Suitable
PDI (Genuine ones) Unbridged - Suitable, but very tight.
PDI Clone style barrels - Untested
EdGi Unbridged- Varies, some hop windows were suitable during testing, others were not as the window was shallow/to short.
Lambda Unbridged - Suitable
Other Unbridged Barrels - most stock TM barrels won't fit due to the narrow width of window.