APOLLO Rocket Valve

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(Won't re-stock this product until we've improved the design to solve problems with HPA users)

Experimental design to achieve maximum efficiency and power output from this part of the gun, whilst improving blowback strength and reliability.

Our APOLLO rocket valve features:

  • An enlarged nitrile O-ring seal for stronger, more-reliable blowback operation.
  • Higher power output thanks to the use of high-grade 7075 CNC machined aluminium allowing a very lightweight design to less obstruct gas flow in the nozzle.
  • Our innovative "aerospike" gas scoops on the base of the valve ensure that as much gas flow as possible is directed down the barrel up until the valve actually closes.
  • A small recess in the base reduces wear from contact with the nozzle return spring.
  • Uses the standard KC-02 rocket valve spring (part #039, not included).
  • It is anodised PURPLE. #purplegang

This valve is not meant to control power output in any particular way, it simply provides the maximum power output possible from this part of the bolt assembly. We recommend combining the Apollo rocket valve with the Flow Chokes included in our Genesis kit for the purpose of controlling output power independent of the blowback action provided by the rocket valve, they are more consistent.

Link to data testing spreadsheet

Link to consolidated data set

Review from rockrrr on Discord:

"So the Apollo Rocket Valve: Not worth it for HPA users, it does not give enough of a FPS/joule increase IMO to be useful for HPA. (unless you really want the extra 0.1-0.2 joules it gives). Green gas users definitely see a big jump in FPS/joules from it. I did not run into any issues while using No restrictor, Blue restrictor or Green. I will have to try again with the Red to get some final results, but based off the chart it should give in the range of 1.9-2.1 joules on a 0.4 g bb. I think it's a useful upgrade for people running Green gas to get a boost out of their gun without having to buy a HPA Kit or new CO2 mags. HPA users really aren't getting anything out of it other than a more durable part/replacement (which doesn't really break) Don't know about CO2 users, but I am hoping to be able to test that out in the coming weeks."