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KC-02 Gun Cleaning and Work Bench Mat

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Not everybody has the space for a dedicated work bench to disassemble their beloved pew-pews on. Sometimes it's the kitchen table, or the bed, or the floor....

Now you can make any flat surface worthy of your KC-02 by unrolling this beautiful neoprene work mat which we've had custom-designed for us. It features a High-Definition upscaled version of the original exploded diagram and parts list from the KC-02 V2 manual, so you'll be able to identify any part easily when asking for technical help or looking for upgrades, whether it's your hammer sturt or your trigger pluger.

This mat is EXTRA BIG to accomodate even the longest of long KC-02 builds easily!

  • 40cm by 120cm, roughly 16" x 47"
  • 3mm neoprene with anti-slip rubber base, non-stick fabric surface and a raised stitched border to help stop those pesky little bits rolling off!
  • Perfect for stripping down complicated mechanical assemblies without getting grease and tools and parts escaping everywhere.
  • Also, obviously makes your sexy gun pictures look 110% better when showing off your freshly-installed parts on our Discord!