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Whilst there are definitely some very nice charging handles out there for the KC-02 (nod to Sneakworks), we just weren't happy with having to modify most of them to get a perfect fit with the extra strength features on our CNC bolt carriers, and we weren't happy with how loose the fit was on most of them.

So we designed our own version of the KC-02 charging handle which is PERFECTLY MATCHED to our bolt carriers. No modification required, perfect fit first time.

The aggressively-styled Talon has been designed to be stronger than any other charging handle as the main weak point has been radiused in our design to spread the stresses that normally snap the standard handles.

We made the Talon fit our bolts so well that the situation has now reversed - this charging handle will probably need modifying to make it fit onto a stock bolt carrier! For that reason, we recommend exclusively using this part with our RogueWorx bolt carriers, as we can't be held responsible for the results of you trying to make this fit on any other bolt carrier.

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