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CNC Machined Nylon with Nitrile 70 O-rings inside and out!

Tips for installing your barrel spacers:

1) Lubricate your inner barrel so that the spacers can slide on easily. Use something that will dry out quickly so the spacers don't slide once in position. You think it's weird, but I lick the inner barrel. A small amount of washing-up liquid could also be used.

2) Decide where you want the spacers to go, make sure they aren't underneath any screw holes on your outer barrel else your screws will damage the spacers.

3) Clean the lube off your inner barrel now you have the spacers where you want them. Then apply at least a 4 inch length of electrical tape either side of each barrel spacer to stop it sliding out of position when installing into outer barrel.

4) Apply some silicone grease or oil to the outer O-rings so that the whole assembly will slide into the outer barrel easily. You should not have to force it hard as it will be equally hard to remove, extremely difficult without damaging hop rubber or inner barrel ends.

5) If using the 510mm RA-Tech outer barrel, that is slightly tighter inside than the standard barrel, so you may have to remove some of the outer O-rings to let it fit easily.

Taking over from the legendary Tim Stalford who originally created the barrel spacers for the KC-02, these barrel spacers are for stabilising your inner barrel to stop it flexing or moving about when shooting. This has been proven to improve the consistency and accuracy of your shots.

RogueWorx improved the design by adding inner and outer O-rings to get as much solid contact with the barrel as possible. These have been designed to be a perfect fit inside the standard KC-02 outer barrel, we recommend using black insulation tape either side of the spacers to stop them sliding along your inner barrel when installing and removing. We also recommend applying some silicone lubricant to the outer O-rings to help them slide into your outer barrel easily. We recommend one spacer for every 10cm of inner barrel length, a 510mm barrel should use 5 spacers, a 380mm barrel should use 3 - 4 spacers, etc.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The RA-Tech extended 510mm outer barrels are approximately 0.5mm tighter on the inside than the standard outer barrel. This makes the fit on these barrel spacers extremely tight. We recommend plenty of lube and REMOVING SOME OR ALL of the external O-rings to help it fit inside the RA-Tech barrel like in the picture. Remember you need to be able to get it out again one day! In our testing, leaving one outer O-ring on each spacer gave about the right balance of friction and sliding when properly lubed. It should slide smoothly into place with a satisfying thunk. If you are having to force it in hard, then you need to remove more O-rings or apply more lube, or at least that's what she told me XD...

This part is compatible with the Novritsch SSQ-22.

These barrel spacers are not compatible with Rogueworx Multi-Barrels which have a smaller internal diameter than standard. You have to use the skinny black barrel spacers that come with the Multi-Barrels, that we designed and made and included FOR FREE with those barrels.

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