Spare KC-02 Flow Chokes

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A set of 3 spare nozzle flow restrictors from the Genesis kits.

These also fit the standard KC-02 plastic nozzle. 

These are fitted in front of the rocket valve spring in the nozzle, to reduce power output. 

They are roughly meant to achieve 

  • Under 450fps (red)
  • Under 400fps (blue) 
  • Under 350fps (green)
  • No Flow Choke = Maximum Power 

But these are entirely dependant on your barrel length, propellant gas and ammo weight. You will need to do your own testing with a chrono after assembly. 

Please note that the flow chokes in the latest batch have not been anodised due to manufacturing difficulties and time constraints. They are instead painted with an acid etch primer and touch acrylic paint. So please avoid contact with strong solvents that may remove the paint. We have some anodised sets leftover from the last batch, so can't guarantee which version you will receive.