G5 Zenith kit - internal/external reinforcement and recoil buffer

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Note: You will not be able to install the Zenith kit if your lower receiver has been filled with epoxy. 

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The purpose of the Zenith kit is to prevent the cracking of the plastic lower receiver of the GHK G5, a problem which has plagued the gun from the start.

It achieves this by installing a complex internal-external skeleton of parts that both absorbs and distributes the shock of the bolt carrier impact more effectively throughout the body of the gun.

The Zenith kit also adds a new sling point to the middle of the gun by including either a loop or QD socket in the external Receiver Cap part which attaches to the back of the top rail.

RogueWorx have been working on this design for more than 3 years, it represents the peak of our technical expertise. 

Now that we have solved the cracking problem, RogueWorx will continue to expand its upgrade support for the G5 over the next 3 - 5 years until it is a fully-developed ecosystem of customisation and high-performance, like the KC-02, but in a full-auto assault role.

We cut no corners in the design and manufacture of this kit. Our UK manufacturing partner purchased a brand-new Haas VF2SS 3-axis CNC machine which cost over £100k GBP just to produce parts for this kit for us.

  • The Main Insert has gone through 12 design iterations before reaching it's final form which we CNC machine on site from 6082 aluminium billet in 5 operations. It includes a genuine Sorbothane shock absorber pad which we imported from the USA.
  • The Receiver Cap is CNC 6061 aluminium and is professionally Cerakoted by a UK firearms company to match the black or tan colours of the G5.
  • The main Body Bolts are custom-made to our specification from 316 stainless steel by a UK marine fasteners company. They are then flame-blued to make them easily identifiable and to better blend in with the gun-metal appearance of weapons hardware.
  • The Buffer Plates are CNC 6061 aluminium with a 316 stainless steel collar pressed into them for durability where it attaches to the steel recoil rod. We also use a precision hardened-and-ground steel dowel pin which is UK-made by a local industrial hardware specialist.
  • The remaining small parts - the Wedge and Lock Bar - are also CNC machined from 6061 aluminium and cerakoted where necessary.

This kit has been fully Beta-tested by a carefully-selected panel of ten G5 owners from the international community on our Discord, with varying levels of skill from amateur to expert.

11 beta guns fired a cumulative total of more than 104,000 (over one hundred thousand) shots over a 6 month period, attending more than 44 game days in 2023. Those guns were using a variety of propellant gases including green gas, red gas, HPA and CO2 with devil-hunter mags. At least 1 of the beta guns was also used in bullpup configuration with the SRU bullpup kit.

All of the beta testers successfully installed their kits and experienced NO RECEIVER CRACKING during the testing period, and no malfunctions caused by the Zenith kit.

Disclaimer: installation of the Zenith kit requires permanent modification to the upper receiver of the G5 which means it cannot afterwards be used without a Zenith kit installed as the rear body lug which normally holds the gun closed is removed.

The Zenith kit is NOT A "DROP-IN KIT".

Installing the Zenith kit does require a small number of hand tools, skill and equipment to achieve, including:

  • screwdrivers
  • Allen keys
  • hammer
  • pin punches
  • hand drill and drill bits (from 3mm to 6mm)
  • a very sharp knife
  • CA superglue
  • epoxy resin, preferably steel-type such as JB Weld.
  • common sense
  • silicone grease
  • either parallel grips or a vice
  • diamond needle files (flat and rounded)
  • scissors

Please refer to the detailed installation video for full information about how to install the Zenith kit.

If you are not confident that you can perform all the installation steps shown in the video, then please hand your gun and the Zenith kit to a competent local gun tech and send them a link to the video.