G5 Folding Charging Handle - Steel CNC

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If low-profile, high-speed operations is your thing then this super-tough precision-CNC steel folding charging handle is what you need on your G5!

Designed to have just enough purchase on the knurled front end to quickly whip it up with a finger for a quick rack and slap, before automatically springing flat against the side of the gun again, this folding steel charging handle makes an excellent auxilliary charging handle to give you the option of ambidextrous reloads in those tricky situations.

Made from steel and finished in electro-plated black, it perfectly matches the sleek tactical nature of the G5, and can take all the abuse you can throw at it!

Why not pair it with one of our G5 Morpheus bases to give you an over-sized charging handle for ultimate speed on your primary side, an a back-up folding option on your off-hand side? There are dozens of style options available for the Morpheus.

You can also pick up an extra charging rod and spring if you want to run double charging handles, why not get 2 folding handles for a gull-wing look!

Supplied with 2 spare roll pins which will need to be punched/pressed/hammered into place on your existing G5 charging rod.