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The Master-Precision series is born!

The Master-Precision series is born!

Well, these 2 new products may have come as a bit of a surprise to some of you as we thought we were finished with the KC-02 platform, but turns out there's more juice to squeeze from this lemon yet!

We had ignored outer barrels for a long time as the manufacturing challenges of trying to make it as one piece were too expensive, but a few months ago, we realised we could just split it up into several pieces that screw together if we do a good enough job of designing it. And once we realised that freed the middle section of the barrel up from mechanical requirements, we got really creative with the designs!

And then at the opposite end of the artistic creativity scale, we have the new Master-Precision Rail, a design which is entirely for a single performance factor increase - throw the existing hop adjustment system out the window and make a new one that is severely beefed up!

The position of the rail hop clicker has always been a limiting factor, along with the M4 x 0.7 screw thread that the standard KC-02 uses for it's hop wheel, which we were forced to replicate in the Guillotine rail if we wanted to maintain compatibility with original parts. So for us to break from that line of compatibility would need something really big to make it worthwhile. 

What we call a "Category A" product is something which provides "a significant and measurable improvement to the performance of the gun, or new functionality". The Master-Precision rail fits that criteria, as the new M16 x 0.5 threads and 100 double-detent radial clicks provide more than 4X the hop adjustment resolution of the standard hop wheel, giving you the "clicks between clicks" that so many of us have needed for those extreme long-range shots.

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