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First wave of Genesis re-stock coming this month!

First wave of Genesis re-stock coming this month!

We hope you've got your wallet and click finger ready, because there's a whole heap of red-hot product re-stocks coming this month, with more due a couple months later!

Be sure to use our new email and SMS notifications system to get buzzed when the latest stock hits, and follow our Facebook and discord to see when the date/time gets announced! 

Re-stock information:

ORDER 1 - away for anodising - ready in approximately 2-4 weeks

200 x Genesis Kits (all colours on hop wheels) V4A red hop units, and gold V6 nozzles.
200 x Trigger and sear kits (all colours)
50 x SSB's. (all colours)
99 x Wolverine charging handles (all colours)
25 x spare V5 gold hop units
30 x spare hop wheels (assorted colours)
90 x 316 stainless V-blocks
200 x projnuts
200 x kjw mag gas routers
100 x 370mm crazyjet barrels
1 x HR X22 Underlever kit

No, we are not accepting pre-orders.

This lot will all drop at 8pm GMT+1 (8pm UK time) on the chosen day (depends how long anodising takes).


ORDER 2 - ready in about 2 - 3 months

100 x SSB's
50 x spare V6 KC-VSR nozzles
200 x steel bolt stops
1000 x buffer pins
100 x Guillotine rails
100 x Morpheus charging handles
100 x Sabre mag levers
100 x Sickle mag levers
100 x Talon charging handles
100 x Twister muzzle brakes
100 x Morse muzzle brakes.

We'll probably add more to Order 2 as we get closer. We may need more pistons by then.

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