KC-02 Upgrade Tier List

KC-02 Upgrade Tier List

We get asked all the time what order you should upgrade your KC-02 and how much it costs for a full build. So we've put together this tier list that shows the suggested route for what order you should spend your hard-earned hobby dollars. 


Standard upgrade path for KC-02

Tier 0
Buy the gun £300 or whatever used.
Bunch of mags £200, C02 best, around £35 each.
Or a HPA adaptor if you fancy that route.

£500 so far

Tier 1 - the basics
(don't have to buy all at once, but recommended in this order)
RW V3 piston £33
RW V14 bolt carrier £65
(a Heavyweight steel set at £130 that includes bolt and piston is also a good choice if you've got co2 power or 150psi hpa to drive them)
RW Charging handle £27

£630 so far

Tier 2 - The Standard loadout
RW Genesis VSR hop kit £130
VSR Inner barrel and hop rubber to go with the Genesis - £50 to £150 depending on size and brand quality, 370mm Crazyjet and 50deg Flamingo rubber are most common.
RW Projnut £23
RW Buffer pin £4
RW barrel spacers £10 for 4
RW hardened steel bolt stop £28

around £900 to this point

Tier 3 - The Professional
RW Judgement trigger set £90
Polish job on trigger mech parts.
Sickle or Sabre mag release £28 or £33
Master Precision rail £110
Or Guillotine Rail £70
Muzzle Brake £33
RW Steel V-block £25

around £1200 to this point

Tier 4 - Getting Fancy
RW or PPT custom barrel upgrade around £140
An aftermarket 10/22 stock of your choice £150 to £400
A decent 1-4x scope £250

£1800 roughly to here

Tier 5 - Side-Quests
Solid-State Bolt to convert to bolt action £70
Underlever kit to convert to a lever-action sniper rifle £400

£2300 to here

There are of course levels beyond even this point if you start getting unique or custom parts made.

There's a lot of products on this list, no they will not all be in stock at the same time usually. It usually takes 1 - 2 years to "finish" a build. Waiting for "everything to be in stock all at once" is a fool's game.

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    I interested in getting a kc02 and I am overwhelmed it all so could do with some help