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Updated bolt and piston designs, and the Projnut is born!

Updated bolt and piston designs, and the Projnut is born!

Those with incredibly sharp eyes may have noticed a new parts collection appearing in the web store - The VIP Room - full of insanely-expensive and exotic parts. We will be using this area to distribute a few beta-testing prototype parts to those few people lucky enough to possess the discount code required to drop the prices down to reasonable amounts.

We've got new designs incoming:

  • Our flagship product - the CNC V13 KC-02 bolt carrier - finally getting an update to V14 which looks cooler, should cycle more reliably, fits together better, and no longer requires a hammer to assemble with the piston!
  • The legendary RWKF V1 piston gets an all-new design and becomes the V2 RW piston, which now features double o-rings and double-porting for smoother operation without any loss of performance.
  • A talented hydro-mancer on our Discord gave us the idea for the Projnut barrel clamp which solved a long-standing problem with barrel alignment for the KC-02 by integrating a compression fitting into the barrel nut itself! So now your hop unit and barrel assemblies will be rock-solid and perfectly aligned during assembly!
It's just the prototypes for these parts lurking in the VIP room for now, the full production batches will be publicly available in a few weeks, likely in September.

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