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BCO Underlever package - Bell & Carlson Oddyssey stock

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We've decided to thin down the RogueWorx Armoury a bit by moving on some of the parts and packages that we're not seeing much use out of.

So here we have for sale a Bell & Carlson Oddyssey stock in their Green Spider pattern, along with our original BCO underlever prototype to fit this stock, in Vampire pattern, with a green and red paracord wrap on the lever front strap.

This stock is pretty much impossible to find in the UK, we bagged it on ebay a few years ago for about £400. It's one of the most expensive competition-level stocks that exists for the 10/22 platform.

The lever is also worth over £400 as it's a prototype, one of only 2 ever made.

The stock has 3-way adjustment where the length of pull, height of the butt pad and height of the cheek riser are all adjustable (be warned, this is an American stock, the hex bolts are all Imperial, not Metric). It has a T-slot accessory rail underneath, which we've fitted with 2 pieces of T-slot Picatinny rail and a T-slot sling mount. These can be loosened and slid up and down the angled rail so you can get any grips or bipods set at exactly the right height and balance for you.

The stock is made of a fibre-reinforced resin polymer, it is very sturdy and durable, and the whole stock is oversized as it is clearly meant for use as an accurised long-range platform. The metal parts are all CNC aluminium or steel.

We've already dremelled out the material to fit a KC-02 receiver, you'll just need to cut the tang off the back of your KC-02 receiver for it to slot right in!

This stock and lever were previously fitted to our Range Queen gun which had a 570mm carbon fibre barrel and was easily capable of making shots out to 80 - 90m. 

If you're looking to turn your KC-02 into the ultimate long-range sniper build, this is the stock for you.

Please note, to use the underlever, you will also need an SSB and a Genesis kit, for which you can find all the information elsewhere on our store.