Underlever kit - BRT - (Boyds Rimfire Thumbhole) - PRE-ORDER 4/20

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BRT - Boyds Rimfire Thumbhole stock

Package DISCOUNT CODES below!

This Underlever Bolt-Action conversion kit has been specifically designed to be compatible with this exact stock - Boyds 3Z2681W1B1ZZ


IF YOU DO NOT OWN THIS EXACT STOCK MODEL, DO NOT PURCHASE THIS UNDERLEVER. This design has not been tested to fit any other style of stock.

This kit is considered an Expert-Level kit. It requires several modifications to the KC-02 and is the culmination of years of design work on many other components such as the bolt carrier and nozzle. If this is the first time you have seen this kit, we highly advise you to research it before purchasing so you understand how it works and what you need to go with it.

Underlevers are NOT COMPATIBLE WITH M4 HPA MAG ADAPTORS. The lever will collide with the magazine.

But they are compatible with MP5 mag adaptors like the Tanuki kit :-) as long as the magazine does not protrude backwards from the adaptor.

THE UNDERLEVER ALONE WILL NOT GIVE YOU BOLT ACTION OPERATION. Use with a standard semi-auto blowback gun will likely result in catastrophic damage and injury. Blowback must be disabled.

The recommended way to install this Underlever also requires a Solid-State Bolt and a Genesis Hop Unit.

If you also want to retain semi-auto operation for your standard bolt carrier to swap with, we recommend purchasing an SSB and a Genesis kit with your Underlever, or an SSB and spare KC-VSR nozzle to convert your existing bolt assembly to VSR type.

DISCOUNT CODES to use at checkout if purchasing an Underlever with a combination of the parts listed above:

  • "LEVER1" = Underlever + Genesis Hop unit parts = £200 (£25 discount)
  • "LEVER2" = Underlever + SSB = £210 (£15 discount)
  • "LEVER3" = Underlever + Full Genesis kit = £250 (£30 discount)
  • "LEVER4" = Underlever + Gen Kit Parts + SSB = £255 (£35 discount)
  • "LEVER5" = Underlever + Full Genesis kit + SSB = £300 (£45 discount)

Hint: If ordering more than 1 Underlever, try adding a 2 e.g. "LEVER42"

    Other Underlever designs for more popular stocks will be available soon, their sale format and prices will be the same as this one, so we're really just putting this out there so users become familiar and aware of it. We have obviously already done the design and testing for this model.

    THIS IS A PRE-ORDER WITH NO EXACT DELIVERY DATE, LIKE A KICKSTARTER. The factory order to manufacture this batch of underlevers will only be placed once we have reached 20 pre-orders. You can see how close we are to that goal in the product title above. The count is manually updated so do not be alarmed if it doesn't change when you place your order.

    If the required number of orders is not reached within a reasonable timeframe (eg. 3 months from launch), then unfortunately the pre-order will be cancelled and all orders refunded. This is due to the bespoke nature of the design of this kit. We cannot afford to make hundreds of underlevers for an unpopular stock design as the kits will never sell. We will contact buyers to ask if they are happy to continue waiting before we cancel the pre-order, to see if they are happy to continue waiting.

    If you have any questions about the terms stated above, then please contact us by Facebook message at https://www.facebook.com/RogueWorx

    Now, on with the product description...

    Demonstration video - https://youtu.be/PHzJwxy2FFY

    Installation video: https://youtu.be/1z9Z9JmNJoM

    This Underlever kit consists of:

    • Underlever Main hand loop
    • Underlever pivot clamp
    • Triple-bolt bar linkage
    • Sliding-slot bar linkage
    • Bolt-link charging handle adaptor
    • 3 high-grade metal-shielded ball-bearings for the pivot points
    • Assorted nuts and screws for assembly

      The kit will be produced in 7075 aluminium, and is available in our usual range of anodised colours and patterns. The pictures show our first production kit made in brass, which is double the price of aluminium. If we have spare stock of hop wheels available, we will also anodise the hop wheel on your order to match your underlever kit. Otherwise you will receive a standard black hop wheel and gold hop unit.

      The Underlever itself is compatible with the standard bolt carrier and hop unit, as long as you disable the blowback on your standard bolt carrier. Achieving this is a complicated task in itself, which is why we also created the Solid-State Bolt.
      The Solid-State Bolt provides a drop-in sniper bolt-action function and incorporates a VSR-type nozzle, so is only compatible with the Genesis hop unit which uses VSR hop rubbers. The SSB can easily be swapped back for a normal semi-auto bolt assembly if you want to remove the underlever and go back to semi-auto in a few minutes.

      Special Tool

      In addition to the usual selection of Allen keys and tools used for working on your KC-02, we highly recommend adding an M3 (5.5mm) wrench or driver to your arsenal for use with tightening the small M3 lock nuts on the Underlever, because if you try to do it with pliers or an adjustable spanner, you will probably scratch the anodising on your underlever parts and make it look shit, buy one of these kind of tools to avoid that damage:

      M3 Nut Driver - £9

      or something cheaper like this:

      M3 Nut Wrench - £3.68

      I'm sure you'll be able to find something similar in your country.

      Find us on discord if you want to know more: https://discord.gg/EzkYFtP