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Stainless-Steel/Blued Master Precision Hop Wheel - SPECIAL EDITION

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As part of the first order of Master-Precision Rails, we also made a very small batch of just 20 special stainless steel hop wheels to fit the MP rail which is normally anodised 6061 rail and 7075 hop wheel.

These 316 steel MP hop wheels cost 4X more to make than the aluminium wheels, so they are for sale as special editions to people lucky enough to find the £1000 discount required to buy them! They will obviously never wear out, are impervious to corrosion and look "baller as fook".

You can choose from the uncompromising, flat, grey, stainless steel finish, or Arron will personally heat-treat your wheel on his own custom ceramic butane burner rig he's built and been practicing with for the last few weeks to achieve an iridescent blued finish which changes it's hue depending on the ambient lighting levels. This finish is quite difficult to achieve, requiring the part to be heated to around 300 degrees celsius with a very consistent heat, it passes through yellow, purple then very briefly through the desired blue colour in just a 10C window, before quickly fading to a grey, so it requires a keen eye and sharp timing to get the blued finish just right. You only get 1 shot!

There may be some variation in the exact finish of your parts as it is affected by the surface of the metal and any impurities in the metal. We ensure all parts are chemically degreased before starting the heat-bluing process, but that does not guarantee perfection! We do the best we can!

You can also choose if you want a set of 5 stainless steel screws to accompany your wheel, also with silver or flame-blued options, for the maximum bling level.