KC-02 Dredd supressor

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For those of you who want to make your own stock to suit this huge over-barrel suppressor, we decided to make it available on it's own.

This suppressor is made of aluminium, anodised matte black and laser engraved.

This suppressor can be sized to your requirements in length, but the diameter is set at 44.5mm.

Standard length is 418mm.

It secures in place on the standard KC-02 outer barrel using 3 grub screws to lock in position at any point along the barrel. These will bite into the metal of your outer barrel, leaving 3 small circular marks when removed. 

This suppressor will not fit on the fluted RA-Tech outer barrels as they have a slightly larger outer diameter.

We can also supply a 3D-printed baffle section to suit the length of your suppressor if necessary. 

We no longer supply stocks due to shipping issues however they are in stock at Taring Carving