JUDGEMENT™ KC-02 Hammer & Sear set, inc. Hammer Damper - BATCH 2

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CNC machined from stainless tool steel, plasma-nitride hardened and polished finish.

50% lighter trigger pull weight, 50% less trigger movement, much sharper action.


This set is an upgrade for parts #54 and #68 in your KC-02. We highly recommend installing this set along with a Fang™ adjustable trigger to achieve the most precise and reliable trigger operation. That's why we offer the discount for buying both together.

This set also includes a new part called the hammer damper, which fits over your guide rod at the back of the trigger mech as shown in the pictures and installation video. This part is optional as it prevents over-travel of the hammer during reset, which can eject the guide rod and cause a malfunction but only under hot conditions where cylinder pressure is increased. We recommend you install it as it's better for your gun. 

This set is compatible with the standard KC-02 trigger, but the results will not be as good, and operation may be unreliable, requiring more modification by you to the Disconnector (part #71) to achieve a reliable reset and fire, depending on how worn your trigger mech is, as described in the troubleshooting section of our guide video.

For many years, the KC-02 community believed there was no significant performance improvement to be gained by creating aftermarket parts for the KC-02 trigger mech, so we paid no attention to it, until now.

A detailed review of the operation of the trigger mechanism with our consultant mechanical engineer, familiar with real firearms internals, revealed that there were large improvements to be made in several areas of the KC-02 trigger mechanism design.

So a few months later, after several prototypes and design iterations and lots of testing, RogueWorx are pleased to launch our 4 KC-02 trigger upgrade components which provide the following improvements to the KC-02:

  • Mechanism geometry corrected to a true 90-degree tangential sear with increased leverage on the hammer - dramatically reduces trigger pull weight down to around 2.0lbs, from the standard 4 - 5lbs. Trigger is 50% lighter to pull.
  • Sear contact face reduced to just 0.5mm from standard 1.0mm, dramatically reduces trigger pull length required to fire, to approximately 2mm total travel.
  • Heavier hammer (21g vs 16g stock, 31% increase) results in stronger, more consistent valve strikes for more consistent FPS output, using standard hammer spring. Use of stronger hammer springs is not recommended and will likely cause malfunction of the gun.
  • Hammer and sear made from plasma-nitride hardened stainless tool steel with a mirror polish, for a very smooth, sharp trigger feel and excellent resistance to wear.
  • Silicone hammer damper provides a soft end-stop for the hammer to hit during reset, a feature that was missing from the original trigger design, to reduce wear on the guide rod, and prevent malfunctions and jams due to increased hammer energy.

INSTALLATION NOTES: You may have to lightly sand your hammer and sear pivot pins (parts #55 and #67) to allow them to fit easily and pivot freely in the Judgement hammer and sear as the pivot holes are specified at exactly 3.0mm and 3.5mm to remove as much slack as possible from the trigger system.

Trigger sear pin ideal friction video

Most KC-02's have some amount of wear on the pivot pins, some may even be bent, which will prevent them fitting into these new parts, or make them a very tight fit. You should use some fine grit sandpaper and lightly sand your pivot pins until they fit smoothly into the new parts, and apply grease or oil to the pins. A brand new KC-02 with no wear on these pins should fit without need for sanding.