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Hogue Overmold stock to suit HOM underlever

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UK ONLY. Will not export. 

We have purchased a small number of the Hogue rubberised OverMolded stocks to sell as package deals with our HOM Underlevers.

If you order this at the same time as a HOM underlever, an automatic discount will reduce the lever price by £50.00 to make a £500 lever+stock package.

These Hogue stocks are easily the most ergonomic stock we've ever used for the KC-02, extremely light and comfortable to hold. 

They also have the most traditional lever-action look to them when paired with a HOM underlever.

To fit a KC-02 into this stock will require the usual adjustments work for a 10/22 stock. You will need to cut the rear tang off the receiver and round file/dremel the forward corners of the magwell to suit your gun. Also may need a 25mm main body M5 screw. 

If ordering this with a pre-order underlever, we can ship the stock separately ahead of the lever if you want to work on the stock fitting ahead of the lever being ready, just let us know.