FANG™ Adjustable KC-02 Trigger

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Re-stock due in early 2022.


CNC 7075 aluminium, custom anodised and with a satin finish.


This is a direct swap for the standard KC-02 trigger, featuring an adjustable grub screw in the back of the trigger to limit over-travel when pulled. This will come pre-set at 4mm tall which is the optimal setting for reliable operation when used with a Judgement Hammer & Sear set.

Using this trigger alone with the standard hammer and sear offers no performance improvement over the standard trigger, it is mainly a cosmetic upgrade. It adds the over-travel adjustment, and possibly removes some slack from your trigger. The Fang trigger was designed for use with the Judgement™ Hammer & Sear set to achieve a finely-tuned, crisp, light marksman trigger pull.

You may have to wind the screw in further to allow more travel of the trigger if using it with the standard KC-02 hammer and sear, or if your trigger mech is heavily used. Equally, you may also be able to wind the screw out slightly further to get a more precise trigger adjustment to suit your KC-02 when used with the Judgement set. Our 3 test guns typically have the screw set around 4.1 - 4.2mm for reliable operation, resulting in a total trigger tip travel of around 2mm between fire and reset positions, compared to the 5mm of travel on the standard trigger.

One complete turn of the grub screw is 0.7mm thread depth, so a half turn is 0.35mm, quarter turn is 0.175mm, etc. This information will be useful for fine-tuning your trigger.

INSTALLATION NOTE: You may have to lightly sand your trigger pivot pins (parts #67 and #69) to allow them to fit easily and pivot freely in the Fang trigger as the pivot holes are specified at exactly 3.0mm to remove as much slack as possible from the trigger system. Most KC-02's have some amount of wear on the pivot pins, some may even be bent, which will prevent them fitting into the Fang, or make them a very tight fit. You should use some fine grit sandpaper and lightly sand your pivot pins until they fit smoothly into the Fang trigger. A brand new KC-02 with no wear on these pins should fit into the trigger without need for sanding. Alternatively, if you have access to a very small, round diamond file, you can use that to sand the pivot holes in the trigger until they fit your pins. Use of grease on the pivot pins is highly recommended. Watch the installation video for more details.

DISCLAIMER: The Fang trigger is not compatible with full-auto sear kits designed for the standard KC-02 trigger, such as the RGW set, which features a rotating selector lever that replaces the safety. The fixed half-sear in that kit which controls the auto setting does not lock into place fully in the Fang trigger so full auto doesn't work correctly. We have no intention to correct this problem as we do not approve of the use of full-auto kits in the KC-02 due to the massive increase in wear on the mechanism it causes.