Extra Genesis VSR Conversion Parts

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For people looking to use an Underlever and/or Solid-State Bolt conversion that need a Genesis Hop Unit and associated parts to go with it.

THIS HOP UNIT ONLY WORKS WITH GENESIS KC-VSR NOZZLES! NOT the standard KC-02 nozzle or metal KC-GBB nozzle. The KC-VSR nozzle is not included in this product.

These are from the latest batch of Genesis kits with the newest design, they will be ready for dispatch at the same time as the SSB's towards the end of April after anodising.

This bundle contains:

  • Genesis Hop Unit V5 - GOLD, CNC engraving
  • Genesis Hop Wheel V3A - BLACK, CNC engraving
  • 3 hop keys - Arch, Flat and Bridge

For more information on these parts, see our pages on the Genesis kit or SSB.