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"Daedalus" FU53 Custom Works / RogueWorx FULL-CUSTOM KC-02 bullpup

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One-of-a-kind, LEGENDARY, famous custom-built bullpup KC-02. Created by FU53 Custom Works (Bespoke Airsoft) many years ago. Has now been overhauled and rebuilt internally with latest RogueWorx parts, and tuned by Arron to bring this gun to the peak of KC-02 performance.

- ASG Special Teams Carbine variant of the KC-02 as base receiver.
- CBPRS Raptor bullpup bodykit for the Ruger 10/22, imported from the USA, customised for the KC-02, and given a Kryptek-style custom paint job.
- Integrated suppressor
- Angled foregrip
- Edgi 510mm inner barrel (kc-02 cut), custom-made
- 4 RW barrel spacers
- RW Projnut barrel clamp
- FE70 hop rubber in standard hop unit so we could keep the fancy edgi barrel.
- RW KC-GBB metal cylinder, green flow choke, standard rocket valve.
- V2 RW double O-ring, double-ported piston
- V14 RW bolt carrier in silver with red inlaid lettering
- 142% RW nozzle spring
- RW Talon charging handle in Gun Metal Grey
- RW nylon buffer pin
- RW hardened steel bolt stop
- RW Sickle mag release in Red
- Trigger mech polishing job
- RW Judgement hammer and sear set, inc hammer damper and hardened pivot pins
- Safety blanked off, so remove magazine to safe the weapon.
- SpectreDR 4x illuminated scope clone with auto-brightness micro red dot and kill-flash.
Shoots 300fps with 0.36g ammo, exactly 1.5j for the DMR role.
A one-of-a-kind GBBR that can now hold its own at long range while matching other guns for speed all day long.
This gun is not a "box-fresh" example. Many of it's major components have been hand-made or modified to fit, and it is several years old, having been a display piece and demonstrator at Bespoke for years, it has also seen some skirmish use. There will be small scuffs, scrapes, rough bits here and there if you look at it very close-up, but nothing that detracts from the overall awesome look of the gun. It is functionally perfect and mechanically solid. We will not be accepting returns on this gun based on any cosmetic complaint, nor any technical complaint associated with general maintenance and setup of a GBBR. We know it works perfectly right now. Occasionally cleaning the barrel and oiling the bolt is all the maintenance this gun will need.
We recommend using hearing protection such as Peltor Sporttacs when playing with this gun as the bolt cycling right next to your ear is very loud, will cause hearing damage.