RW KC-02 CNC Aluminium Bolt Carrier V13 LAST FEW CLEARANCE PRICE

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RogueWorx V13 CNC 6061 Aluminium Bolt Carrier

Anodised and Laser engraved

Improve the gas efficiency, reliability, cycle speed and awesomeness of your KC-02!

Replace your broken bolt carrier or just simply upgrade.

V13 - Now smoother cycling than ever before!

Supplied with a new steel roll pin for the piston.

All bolt carriers will have the ROGUEWORX logo lasered onto them by default.

Check out this video for an in-depth video showing the installation of this bolt carrier

Please note: standard KC-02 charging handle will need to be slightly modified to fit correctly with the RogueWorx bolt. See the video. 

Also for some tricks to help your KC run smoothly, check out the FAQ document on the KJW KC-02 Owners page on Facebook -

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