RWKF™ KC-02 CNC Piston

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V2 ready early October.


The legendary Kevin Forney worked together with RogueWorx to have his original piston design manufactured to precise CNC tolerances so that we could better cope with the huge demand for his pistons.

This 6th batch of 6061 aluminium pistons are all anodised ORANGE by a specialist UK plating company, and then laser engraved with the RW logo on an 80W CO2 rotary laser.

Each piston is supplied with 2 metric O-rings, one is a spare.

Years of testing of Kevin's design by hundreds of users have proven that this piston gives higher FPS, better air seal, better consistency and greatly improved gas efficiency than all competitors.

Previous batches were red, purple, blue, green and grey.

Note: It is highly recommended to wrap the tail of piston with PTFE tape (plumbing tape) to seal the small pin in place and to make the piston a snug fit in the bolt carrier, as shown in this video.

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